About us

In Wireless Media, we always strive to provide you with the best service and best quality entertainment. We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts and engineers, whose lifetime passion are modern technologies, entertainment and IT. Being technology geeks and fans enables us to always be on top of every current technological update and thus, to perform the best quality service possible.

We are all huge believers of an idea that everybody deserves access to good quality entertainment, which should not exactly come in a huge price offered normally on the market.

Therefore, we are delighted to present to you our newborn child and project – Wireless Media broadband IPTV! With this subscription, designed carefully by our specialists and engineers, you are able to watch thousands of live worldwide channels, at the same time enjoying almost unlimited supply of newest VOD movies and series. What is also crucial here is that our services are completely affordable, available for everyone and not limited only to those who can afford expensive and complicated media providers’ agreements. By doing this, we believe to be helping people in obtaining the access to the unlimited entertainment that everyone deserves!

Also, we developed our own web shop in order to present you all with our best deals for the hardware which is very well used with our subscriptions. As we never stop exploring and making people’s lives easier, we will also be regularly announcing our new projects on this website.

For anyone interested in knowing something more, in our specialized blog we are giving away a lot of free knowledge and keeping all our community posted regarding newest technology updates.

What People Say About Us

“I have always wanted to watch just everything, but never before had the occasion to do so. With Wireless Media it is now possible!”


“I bought the subscription quite some time ago and until now, I did not even have the chance to watch everything – big thanks to you all, Guys!”


“Absolutely a stunning, effortless and affordable experience!”


Now, let’s get down to entertaining you!

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