Why Wireless Media

Our mission and lifetime passion is delivering to you the best and widest media entertainment offers in the market. With Wireless Media, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Best and widest channels/VOD offer – more than 10.000 worldwide, live channels and more than 25000 VOD items available for each connection
  • The fastest and most stable server connection
  • 24/7, fast technical support in order to make your IPTV experience with us completely effortless
  • Access to a very quick and stable IPTV connection included in the pricing
  • Intuitive and easy – to – use IPTV software
  • No long – term or complicated agreements in place
  • IPTV connection compatible with every single device which you are using
  • All payment methods accepted
  • For every packages, a free on-day test trial is available
  • Possibility to create customized deals and subscriptions of every kind
  • Team of knowledgeable and experience engineers, which are able to help you and assist in every single technical issue you might have
  • No downtime guarantee (anti – freeze technology)
  • Daily updates about new deals, subscriptions and technology news
  • Access to a huge knowledge with our Wireless Media Community and specialized blog
  • Top secured and privacy methods used by our experts to provide you with our subscriptions (also using our secure VPN connection)




Do not hesitate any more to subscribe with us!

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